Our goal is to make your cruise holiday a fun and memorable one. The first thing you need to do is get to your embarkation city, which for many of you means flying in to meet your ship. Carnival’s Fly Aweigh® Programme offers flight arrangements from most major cities in the United Kingdom to our cruise departure ports cities. All packages with flights arranged by Carnival to and from UK cities are ATOL protected. Working in collaboration with our airline partners, we will administer the flight selections to ensure that guest arrive early enough for a seamless boarding experience. In the event flight schedules do not allow for an arrival on the day of your cruise, we will arrange to fly you in the day prior to your cruise. In these cases, we will arrange a hotel stay and ground transfers to get you to the hotel and to the pier the next day. Let us take care of all the details, just sit back and start enjoying your holiday.

Programme Benefits

Carnival's Fly Aweigh® program takes care of your flight arrangements from the moment your trip begins until the moment it ends. Our travel professionals are committed to ensuring guests who purchase our air programme meet their cruise, even when travel interruptions occur. This includes making alternate travel arrangements when necessary. 

Our travel protection ensures each guest is accommodated on flights that will provide a timely arrival to the embarkation port or the next valid port of call when they experience delays resulting from weather conditions or other flight delays. In the event the available flights do not arrive in time for the ship’s departure, guests will be flown to the next valid port of call and we will arrange hotel and/or ground transportation services at our expense. In other words, Carnival takes the worry out of air travel, to ensure our guests can enjoy a memorable holiday.

Fly Aweigh® can be added to any cruise booking up to 331 days prior to the sailing date, and for certain sailings even earlier. To book your flight arrangements, contact us at 0808-234-4495. Flights will be confirmed 75 days prior to sailing and can be viewed via our Booked Guest experience.

Transfer Services

Carnival guests have the option of purchasing airport to pier and/or pier to airport  ground  transportation for the day of embarkation and debarkation. This transfer service is available only during normal operating hours. Advance reservations are required 5 days prior to sailing. Please contact your travel agent or click here for more details. If a guest arranges transportation  to and from the pier on their own, they should allow adequate time for transfers between the airport and the pier, Customs inspections and airport security check.


Things To Know

New Air Travel Requirements

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now requires that all guests traveling by air provide their full name (first/middle/surname) as it appears on their government-issued picture ID, date of birth, and gender. If you are booking air through Carnival, the above information will be necessary to complete your air reservations.

For newly-married or soon-to-be-married brides, we recommend that if your government-issued picture ID is in your maiden name, you make your cruise booking in your maiden name. In the event that your reservation was made in your married name, please bring your marriage certificate or marriage license with you.

If you haven’t already provided this information when you made your cruise reservation, please complete your Online Check-In at Booked Guest to ensure that we have all the required information. 

Travelling with Infants

Travelling With Infants: Fly Aweigh® guests travelling with infants (under the age of 2) usually have two options: (1) Purchase a seat for the infant - book the infant with Fly Aweigh®, (2) Decline to purchase a seat for the infant; the child must seat on the adult's lap: Please note requirements vary (by airline and by country of destination/origin) for an infant under 2 years of age to travel on adult's lap. It is important to note that some international carriers do not allow infants to travel in adult's lap. For those airlines that do not permit this, the infant will be charged 10% of the airfare supplement plus full applicable taxes/fees.

Airline Baggage Fees

Guests should be aware that baggage fees vary for each airline.  Please click here for information regarding airline baggage fees. We strongly recommend that once your flights are assigned you contact your assigned airline(s) to confirm their luggage allowance policy.

Overnight Stay Required

Due to limited flight availability during peak travel dates, an overnight stay may be required at the city of embarkation or debarkation.  When these overnight stays are necessary, Carnival will cover the cost of the hotel room, taxes, and porterage, as well as transportation between the hotel and the airport/pier. Any additional expenses such as meals, entertainment and incidentals will be the responsibility of the guest.

Carnival provides complimentary hotel accommodations based on the guests’ cabin occupancy. Private single-occupancy hotel rooms are provided only for guests purchasing single-occupancy cruise staterooms.  Hotel property will be assigned upon flight confirmation.

Hotel Stay

Hotel stay are offered for purchased in select embarkation cities and will be assigned to the guest by Carnival. Pre-cruise hotel stay must be booked at least 30 days prior to the start of the hotel stay and post-cruise hotels must be booked at least 30 days prior to the star of the cruise.


Changes may be subject to a service fee.

Tickets are issued at the lowest-available coach fare, and all restrictions apply. Airline ticket refunds, if applicable, are only available to Carnival.

We recommend that guests verify with the airline representative that their luggage is checked-in properly to arrive at their final destination. If travel to the final destination is scheduled on multiple airlines, it is the guest's responsibility to ensure that the originating airline's representative is aware. In the event that the originating airline does not have the continuing flight information, guests are encouraged to provide the originating airline with all of the necessary itineraries.


Guests who are not checked in by the designated time may have their pre-assigned seat assignment and reserved space canceled, and will not be eligible for denied boarding compensation or Carnival's Flight Protection programme.