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Collecting VIFP rewards is… actually really easy.

Step 1: Just sign up

Haven’t cruised yet? Let’s start you off with great members-only fares and promotions.

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Step 2: Take a cruise

Earn VIFP points just lounging by the pool. Each day you cruise is another VIFP point earned, so whether you like long cruises or spontaneous getaways, every one is totally worth it.

Step 3: Watch the points roll in

Took a 5-day Caribbean cruise? That's five VIFP Points. 7-day Alaska cruise? Seven VIFP Points. So simple. Wonder what’s in store for you at each level?

VIFP Club Blue
VIFP Club Red
VIFP Club Gold
VIFP Club Platinum
VIFP Club Diamond
Blue First sailing
Red 2nd sailing – 24 points
Gold 25–74 Points
Platinum 75–199 Points
Diamond 200+ Points

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Get rewarded for every day you cruise.

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